How To Keep The Kids Safe?

Protecting kids at home is a challenging thing. No matter how secure you keep the kids, they would tend to explore each and every corner of the home. The risk age starts as soon as they start crawling. They would love to reach out for the crystal decorative, the sharp knives, the eye catching syrups and tablets, the tiny socket holes and much more. For them it is just like their toys but a parent knows what harm they can actually cause to the kids. As they grow they can be trained through various activities but in the early years it is the job of the elders in the family to check the possible cause of accidents. Some essential steps that need to be taken in this regard are as follows: 

  1. The kids can trip, stumble and fall from even a tiny piece of anything lying on the floor. Start installing the retractable safety gate along the stair cases and the balconies at height. Never leave them unattended in places like terraces or those close to the staircases. Don’t put any table or chair close to the windows. If the child is left alone in the room while sleeping make sure that the windows opening towards the exteriors are securely locked and also the doors of the cabinets. When you are busy in the kitchen securely close the staircase gates.  
  2. Keep the lighters and match boxes in a safe place. Keep a close eye when there is some heater or stove operating in the area accessible to the kid. While serving the hot beverages either keeps them busy somewhere else or just be careful that they do not spill the tea on them.  
  3. Secure the electric sockets. There are a number of products available that can securely cover the sockets when they are not in working.  
  4. Lock away all the acids, chemicals and the medicines. Keep them in secure chests that can be locked easily. Take care of the water temperature before you start bathing the kid in the bath tub.  
  5. Choking and suffocation happens quiet often in the kids especially when they are playing or eating. Never buy a toy that has small parts to it. Almost every toy mentions that which age it is suitable for. Independent eating is a good habit but keeping an eye is a must. Engulfing a candy, grapes or other small chunks can result in severe choking at times.  
  6. Leaving the kids in bath tubs is not a good option. Many kids lose their life after they sink in their bath tub while taking the bath.